Food Items

Rs. 480
Chicken, Mushroom and cheese
All kinds of meat items , Spiach,Olive and p
Tomato sauce, Cheese and fresh basil leabes
Chicken, Ham, Beacon, Salami
Rs. 500
Salami with Chilly
Rs. 450
Pineapple with Ham
Rs. 500
Olive, Gralic, Feta Cheese
Rs. 550
Tandoori Chicken, Onion
Rs. 400
Mushroom, Tomato
Chicken, Onion, Capsicum, Chilly
Rs. 480
Spinach, Mushroom, Ham or Salami

Rs. 300
Served with Chips & Salad
Served with Chips and Saland
Rs. 350
Served with Chips and Salad

Chicken Steam Momo
Fried Chicken Momo
Hot chilly chicken momo
Vegetable Momo in steam

Chaowmein with Chicken
Rs. 170
vegetable Chaowmein

Rs. 150
Real Potato fried
Rs. 250
Fried Sausage
Rs. 250
Boneless or with Bone
Rs. 150
Bread 2 pcs

Rs. 750
12 ‘’ Veg Pizza and 500ml Coke with f
Mixed Veg Piza X 1, Chicken Mushroom X 1, V

Rs. 1200